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Why apps win!

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Did you know that this year it is estimated that mobile users will download 70 billion apps in 2013 – 58 billion to smartphones and 14 billion to tablets. That’s over 10 apps per person over the entire world!

Why do we love to get information about our favourite things (we like to read “sport” here) via mobile apps?

Because, we love our phones and tablets. We panic when we can’t find them and feel lost when they are. And the reason for that is that they have just become so damn useful!

They’re always on, always connected, always with us. We can get the same amount of information that we used to get on our laptops or desk tops via the web, but now it’s in a small package at the tips of our fingers no matter where we are.

How frustrating is it to try to look up results on a website, when there is just so much other information that our club needs to get out to the various members. Or do you need to find your training times, or your umpiring schedule? Some of these can get lost on a traditional website. On an app, there’s a big clear button! Well that’s what we think should happen and that’s what SportsApp has been developed to do.

We’d love your thoughts and your feedback and we’d love to talk to you about how SportsApp can be a major player in your Club’s desire to keep all your members and friends knowing what they need to know so that we can all get on with the game!


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