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Every club struggles with communication

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In this day and age and depending on the type of sporting club you are involved in, one thing is for sure. You will be a diverse mix of people of all ages, backgrounds and ways that you like to keep in touch.

Newsletters are great, but they are time driven, sometimes not reporting on events until the next one is due and not everyone reads them.

Emails work well, but we are so bombarded with information emails these days, it’s difficult to make sure they stand out and important information is received.

Bulletin and notice boards are the old stand by and it’s great to stand around and read all the notices, but you need to be where they are.

Ringing everyone to let them know what time they are needed on the weekend is a hard and long job for someone.

Texting is great as it’s mobile, inexpensive and quick but you can’t say very much on them.

But ask the people of your club about their favourite apps and they will be all over it! People love apps because they can get so much information from them at the push of a button on their smartphone or tablet and they can read it when they want to and where they want to. They show each other, their friends download them and the network becomes stronger and the information is shared.

Research shows that people have no hesitation in downloading a free app that they think might be useful to them. Push notifications that come from the app owner target what the user needs to know and they receive what they need to know, when they need to know it.

With many sporting clubs and associations struggling to maintain their membership numbers particularly the kids, apps appeal to the very demographic that are the most difficult to communicate to.

How many times have you heard someone say, “there must be an app for that”? Well for sporting clubs now there is .